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#190049 - It was a long but enjoyable day and all these memories came back to me, which is why I thought I would share them with you. My youngest Andrew, now 15 was off fishing with some of his mate’s, I was on holiday planning on painting the out side of the house, I had everything ready when Andrew came dashing down the road, “Dad, dad, come quick” I went to the bottom of the path to see what was up, I could see up the road his mates coming towards us and the girl from over the road, Louise, 14, with them, I wondered what was wrong, “Dad, can you help Louise, she’s got her skirt caught in the chain” I took the bike from his friend and said to Louise we had better go into the garage where my tools were and hopefully I could sort it out for her, the boys asked if they were needed, “No thanks I think I can manage now” I knelt to see how tangled her skirt was, it looked really caught up, “It might be easier for me to free it if you took your skirt off” a look of horror came over her face, “Wh

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Rei kagura
Soooo sexy please keep up with the subtitles