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#295031 - What's going on here, asked Gwen nervously?!? This is Krista, answered Anna, she's going to be staying with us for awhile! No, shouted Gwen, I won't have her in our house! Anna quickly stood up and gave Gwen a back handed slap across the face and spat, You listen to me you little cunt, if I want to bring in some fresh meat I'll do it, and if I tell you to eat it, by god you will or your cute little ass will be one dark shade of red, then after giving her another shot to the face just for good measure, she snarled, Am I making myself clear?!? Y-y-yes, Anna, a now very contrite Gwen answered, I'm sorry! Good, said Anna, now fix us all a drink!!! Without saying a word Gwen went to the bar and mixed highballs for all three of them. Now totally nude, she abruptly broke the silence when she said, You two little sluts wake up and get over here, but before you do, get out of those clothes! The two fems slowly got to their feet and stripped them

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