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#153023 - She woke frome the noise of her alarm as she does every morning at this time but this morning there was a difference it was her 40th birthday and what a birthday it was gonna be little did she know her husband had a big night planned for her. Mat moved between her legs and put his purple swollen head against her cum soaked pussy lips and started to enter her Jaysons hot cum dribbled down the crack of her ass and she shivered, Mat pushed all his cock inside her and then began to fuck her cunt just like Jayson did you could hear his body slapping against hers every time he sunk his cock down inside her she wanted to cum so bad she needed to cum god she was gonna flood the room when she did Jayson told Mat to hold on for a minute and he positioned himself under her and let the straps of the swing out untill she was almost sitting on his lap, he then asked her if she was ready to cum like she had never before she replied she was she was ready, Jayson very gently put the head of his still

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