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#377991 - I rode that cock for ages, then slowly my legs gave out, Warren swung me around and fucked my ass doggy, his cock going in further still, as he gripped my hips, pulling me back hard, each thrust at first making me jump, but soon the feeling got better, I helped him by pushing back too, he slammed into me with his full force, I was in heaven. We always had different partners, Sue would have a boy friend, and I would have a guy or woman I would meet for one on ones, over the years we had fun, telling one another about our fun with our sex partners for that night, or often more than one, as I liked groups of guys fucking me and some times Sue's guy would organize his friends to join in fucking her in any way they wanted too. As well as our own group fucks at Brian's place we went to the nudist beach, it didn't take long before the guys knew we enjoyed being fucked in the dunes, each time we went on a Wednesday more guys seemed to be waiting for us, until it got t

Read Omegle ココロyou-go! - Touhou project Ass Fucked ココロyou-go!

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