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#22446 - Just doing a little house keeping, answered a grinning Angela, as she continued daubing at her nether lips while Jackie lifted the hem of her own dress, giving Angela a peek at her own naked vagina. Angela thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, so she smirked at him again and gave him one final pussy flex for good measure! She then closed her legs, stood up to exit the bus, and while giving him a lilting, Have a nice day sir, breezed past him out the door and onto the street. It was matted from a combination of the tight panties and the cunt juice that had leaked from her vagina, but a very excited Jackie sucked in her breath and asked Meg if it was all right if she touched it? Oh, go ahead, whispered Meg, but make it snappy, cuz I have to get back to the office! Jackie's middle finger quickly disappeared in the jungle of fur and burrowed around until it found the hard little nub that was the center of Meg's sexuality as her finger soon became the most

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