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#118028 - Mean time Samantha was being photographed up on the edge of the rocks wearing the little cotton frock, as it turned out she was the same size8 as me & no sooner had I put the shorts on and Mark came walking into the tent catching me semi-nude, staring intently at my boobs whilst suggesting I hurry up as Chad was waiting. April lifted up & lowered her mouth over Marks cock proceeding to give him a fantastic head job, before being challenged for a piece of the action by Samantha, unbeknown by the girls Chad had been laying down on the upper deck filming the action through the port hole. April arrived & we went downstairs to greet her in the work space, introduction over & I was handed a dark blue evening dress, with only us three girls present I stripped out of my clothes & redressed in the evening dress which was a full length gown with a deep V both front & back with a slit up the outside to just above the knee.

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