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#280438 - Not wanting to stop she unzips her pants showing the top of her perfectly shaved pussy as her hands start to rub her tits exposing them to anyone who wanted to look over at her “don’t you care if someone looks?” she just looks at me and smiles and takes her shirt off squeezing her melons together really had me going then she pulls her pants down a little bit more showing the rest of her very moist slit she asks me “do you like what you see?” playing with herself “oh yes I do!” “well then I did a good job” she said she gets dressed right before we turn down her street it was 9:10 when she walked through the door. Her name was Kayla. Her cute little nipples harden with every lick.

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Hitomi kisugi
Now thats what i call ugly bastard
It would have been a little more better if she moaned at least