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#34378 - They watched a video and I got online to yahoo video chat with their father, he could tell something was bothering me so I asked him how he would feel if our sons turned out to be gay? He just replied you caught them didn’t you? I said yes he said he had caught them twice at the old house and asked me how I felt about it; I said I didn’t know yet. I put that in my purse got my stuff and went upstairs. When I woke up the boys were gone the pillows were stained I got up and took a shower the power was back on did dishes and all the thing a mom does when she’s alone in the house around 1 o’clock I got to thinking about last night then messenger chimed it was my husband so we chatted for a while and he knew something was up and asked I said nothing he asked again I told him about the power going out and the boys sleeping with me ,but not the sex ,then he asked did we do anything I went sheepish and like what do you mean he said you know I said they told you didn’t they he said no but

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