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#153634 - I take your clit playfully between my lips and begin to run tiny circles around the tip, sucking on it gently but roughly enough to make you shudder with delight. I can feel you trying to fight the urge to cry out loudly, your hips push and pull against my face as you try to control yourself but feel yourself losing your ability to do so. Breathless and in shock, you slump to the floor and look at me with hungry eyes, I can see what you want by the look on your face, how much you want to be taken right there and then; to bend you over and fuck you hard, spanking your ass till it stings and shooting streams of hot cum inside you would be incredible…but I just look at you and laugh, standing up from my kneeling position and adjusting myself…our eyes meet again as I smile at you and say “Let’s get out of here, there’s a hotel booked already so let’s go…” before restarting the lift, taking you by the hand and walking out the door as if nothing had happened.

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