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#289196 - The next day I needed to find a way to continue with the guys The END for Now. At 8am i heard the electrician pull up so i went down stairs to let him in and led him up the stairs to the room as we went up the stairs i knew he could see my bald pussy underneath my nighty and i could feel myself getting wet at the thought of what was going to happen soon as it was another hot day i went down stairs and got a pitcher of lemonade that mum had made the night before so i grabbed it out of the fridge and got two glasses and started back up the stairs the electrician had been busy he had installed 4 power points that i would use for the TV and stereo we had an air conditioner that he would install also the fans to be installed when it wasn’t hot enough for the air con to be used. The Contractors part 3 By Adam At 7am the next day i woke up and got out of bed and put on my smallest nighty and took off my little panties as i knew the electrician was coming today and i wanted to be ready

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