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#167907 - The women would be raped bred, and sold for fun and sport. Maya is getting better and better and the speed in which she does so also has become more to “M's” liking! But with her insolence and her occasionally rebellious looks, Mistress “M” has decided to speed things up by having these men rape and gang bang both her mouth and pussy! The waiting men are all very firm now and range from a hard 7” to the last, being a big Indian man nicknamed elephant meat is well over 10” and his cock is approximately 2 1/2” in diameter with a slightly larger penal head! These are the men that are going to rape and hard fuck Maya! She is able to deep throat the first mans 7” and the next to just slightly over 8”! With her still down on her knees, one of the big Indian men has found her dripping pussy and with little warning, she is viciously impaled at both ends again just like in the back street of Chennai! All that Maya has witnessed and experienced with these men has become an i

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