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#180197 - Jan was beginning to feel a little light headed as the train lurched forward, but it would have been impossible for her to fall even if she had passed out. She moaned as she felt him tear away the front of her panties with one hand while at the same time guiding his very thick erection to the entrance to her fat hairy vagina! He scrunched down just enough to allow his pecker a better angle for attack, and then while she draped herself all over him, he shoved his hips upward, driving his fat organ balls deep into her needy cunt! She bit into his shoulder to keep from screaming out loud as the first of several massive orgasms erupted deep inside of her convulsing pussy. She was just trying to figure out option number three when that roving finger slipped easily into her by now very wet pussy and quickly cornered her very erect clitoris! She gasped loudly as he flicked over its distended little head causing her knees to buckle slightly as the fire in her pussy was stoked to white hot! “

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