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#91533 - Lots of times I wanted to get George alone and well I am sure you know why, I wanted to know if it was true, I was a hormone filled teenager with only my hand and imagination for relief, I had the constant desire to get jiggy with another boy, George was not in my circle of friends, he did not play football and even though he was in my class all through primary school, and then in some of my secondary school classes, it would have seriously damaged my image if I had even been seen talking to him, You just did not talk to Bent Georgina unless it was to give him abuse. I took this opportunity to steal a grope at him, and when I did I realised that he was every bit as hard as me. I had deliberately picked particular park that we would meet at, as it was a very run down and unkempt park, that hardly anyone that ever used, Something inside me told me that Stevie was as interested in me the same way as I was him, I cant explain it but I just knew, 3 wanks I had to Stevie that night befo

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Rita henschel
Outstanding 4k image quality and very immersive scene also dialogues make it look more real congratulations
Subaru hasegawa
The man is one of the hottest guys on here